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The "Silk Road"
 from Paris to Dunhuang.
A tribute to Chang Shuhong a famous Chinese painter who became, after a stay in Paris the Dunhuang Guardian.
A great man who dedicated fifty years to the Mogao Caves at the edge of the Gobi desert.
 1700 years old treasury of Art, History and Culture.
480 000 square feet of mural paintings. 

 Saint-Paul de Vence 
During a magical evening, an artistic play told Chang Shuhong's life.
" the Silk Road"
His son, Chang Jia Huang paints on stage to express emotion, love and respect 
to his father.
 A subtil combination of music and painting. 
With two famous opera singers Elisabeth Vidal André Cognet.
Art professor Chang Jia Huang paints " Pine of Hope" for Natori city in Japan.
2013 Acropolis Theatre in Nice. New play of The "Silk Road".
To celebrate the fifty years of French China friendship.

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